Economic Performance Monitoring


Unidow Financial Intelligence Services is developing "Economic Performance Monitoring" which will provide index service to gauge the economic performance of a particular state.






Unidow, insights in everything!

With the power of liberty to deliver the insights of the Indian economy, Unidow Financial Intelligence Services (FIS) is a research & data intelligence company publishes prowess researches and studies from the cornerstone of the economy to the important range of government policies. Unidow specializes in exclusive economic data provider and core policy research of India, which includes study on economic policies, central bank policies, India's foreign policies, industrial researches and other prominent areas to deliver key results to corporations, federal government agencies, academician, students and individuals.


Who we are?

Who we are? - The VMW Team

We have created the avant-garde team of people from the diverse background and setting-up a benchmark to work on the mission statement. The Unidow R&A Team is working on several issues ranging from a corporate risk, geopolitical issues and eccentricity of the education system in India by developing and creating a productive solutions. Unidow has always not constrained itself just to be a useful apparatus for companies but to make a relevant tool for students to understand the outside world from an enterprising perspective!


What we do?

Insights in Everything, this is Unidow's prime job. Unidow has a power of analytics, power of research, power of financial intelligence and by combining all these elements, we get peerless and extraordinary results. Unidow project analysis, research studies for market strategies, corporate strategies and supplying exclusive and critical economic data. This unusual combination makes our service outstanding and unparalleled for companies. We have a solutions for Educationist too. Discover it now.

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