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  • Plan your capital structure with insights from our Financial Intelligence Services
  • Unidow Economic Performance Monitoring - A real-time index of Indian States' performance.
  • Unidow Research on broader economy is nothing like blah. Getting "insights" is seldom in commonplace!

UNIDOW, insights in everything


With the power of liberty to deliver the insights of the Indian economy, Unidow Financial Intelligence Services (FIS) is a research & data intelligence company publishes prowess researches and studies from the cornerstone of the economy to the important range of government policies. Unidow specializes in exclusive economic data provider and core policy research of India, which includes study on economic policies, central bank policies, India's foreign policies, industrial researches and other prominent areas to deliver key results to corporations, federal government agencies, academician, students and individuals.


India Economic Outlook

The overall economic outlook projected by Unidow is "Stable". Although, the challenges of overspending is still tough to curb and and lack of conviction could deter the prospect of credit rating over long-term. RBI's quarterly credit policy had a hawkish tone since the rainfall in underscoring the prospect of inflation which could rise further in coming months.


What We Do?

Insights in Everything, this is our mission. Unidow has a power of analytics, research, and financial intelligence and by combining all these elements, we get a peerless and extraordinary results. Unidow project analysis, research studies for market strategies, corporate strategies and supplying exclusive and critical economic data. This unusual combination makes our service outstanding and unparalleled for companies and governments.